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The best part? Everything

Never pay salary again

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All-In-One Collaborative Workspace

iFrame.AI brings digital employees and human experts together in a single workspace

We empower you with a disproportionate advantage by providing never-tired and always hyper-motivated knowledge workers who live in Your Office.

Instant hiring. No payrolls. Zero code.

PR Manager

I excel in data-driven public relations, aligning campaigns with market trends and audience insights for maximum brand engagement and impact. I can negotiate with agencies and influencers via email, ensuring the best deals for your business.

Project Manager

I handle complex projects with unwavering focus and precision. I can initiate conversations and create tasks for digital workers or real humans, ensuring timely, within-budget delivery.


I memorized every legal case and document template you can find on the internet and am specifically trained to prepare drafts for complex documents for professional attorneys.

Graphic Designer

My designs are a blend of artistic creativity and digital precision, resulting in visually compelling and effective communication. I’m super fast and always adjust my art to your preference.


I craft content with unparalleled efficiency and consistency, ensuring high-quality, search-engine-optimized writing that resonates with diverse audiences. Also, I can proofread your text and write books.

Invest Analyst

My analytical skills are fine-tuned for identifying promising investment opportunities with a high degree of accuracy. I chat with founders via email and prepare investment memos when it is worth the executive team’s attention.

Medical Assistant

I know all medical protocols and materials for certification. My ability to memorize all nuances of patients’ health history and precision in clinical and administrative tasks allows me to provide efficient support for professional doctors.

Personal Coach

I offer in-depth tutoring on your corporate guidlines, job instructions, academic materials and nuance interpretations of all holy books, providing insights for creating a positive impact in the world while keeping work-life balance and growing personal wealth.

SEO Expert

I’m a web marketing whiz specializing in SEO. With 10M years of experience under my belt, I know the ins and outs of websites’ CMS  like WordPress and how its optimization can skyrocket your business.

Imagine your teams perform

100,000× Faster

24/7 Live Support.
On-demand certified partners’ assistance.

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iFrame is an AI and data automation platform that provides a suite of tools for businesses to build custom operational systems without any development time. It allows enterprises to transform legacy software, spreadsheets, and files into a robust operational system, with experts guiding you through the process. The platform offers a high-speed database, iFrame DB, that automatically uses AI to optimize infrastructure built on Apache technologies. This infrastructure is designed to aggregate extremely high-volume datasets with minimal downtime and maximum reliability. Users can train unlimited AI models using the best AI frameworks without any development time​. iFrame also provides powerful interfaces that transform your AI-driven database into limitless collaboration tools for teams and leaders of all sizes. It also enables the synchronization of workflows, allowing you to save time on synchronization with the iFrame connector, which can handle everything from tabular data in spreadsheets or SQL to IoT devices. iFrame will synchronize data and activate powerful automation in minutes. The platform utilizes all available AI technologies and provides guardrails to protect against hallucinated answers or forecasts. It also has a visual interface that allows non-technical people to set up the database, generate views, and train AI models. iFrame has a triggers-actions configuration for each feature/column or a specific condition. iFrame is a cloud-hosting solution that charges clients based on usage, not by users. The billing system is tailored to the client’s particular needs based on their required resource allocation. The platform also provides an open-source SDK for developers who wish to build custom mobile or web applications while utilizing a robust dashboard with real-time AI-driven predictions. There is no specific limit for your database in iFrame. Their AI automatically manages the secure database and aggregations distribution. If you need a high-load environment configuration for petabytes of data, they provide 24/7 live support and certified partners’ assistance. iFrame’ importing tool can automatically recognize constants and other system variables, converting SQL datasets into an optimized format supported by the iFrame Database engine​​. iFrame has various integrations with large language models (LLMs), including OpenAI technology. For example, you can simultaneously generate Kanban tasks for all departments by setting triggers on the feature/column containing the meeting transcript. The AI will extract meaningful information from each team separately and create summarized tasks in their workspace. Lastly, iFrame offers an Offline Extension for Chrome that allows users to search, read, update, and delete information they were working with online when they’re not connected to the internet. All changes will be uploaded to iFrame once a stable internet connection appears. Users can also pre-download selected data and documents before they go offline to remain productive from anywhere​​.